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Sonos API

Postby PridhamAV » January 30th, 2018, 5:46 am

Good Day/Night to everyone,

I was approached to do Qsys programming for a very high level US government official residence system that is looking to install a core110f and control a Sonos Connect system. The request was made to keep control on a tablet device for mobility but to keep all control inside of a Qsys UCI for ease of setup. They wish to setup guided access to only allow for a single app to run.

I see that Sonos has in fact released an API and that GitHub has listed some http commands for basic control.
But this system was requested to show whether metadata such as Artist/Album/Track info can get pushed out to the Qsys UCI as well as being able to switch between "apps" on the sonos system.

I spoke to QSC this morning regarding this but their main contact for this level of plugin is en route to Amsterdam/ISE at the moment and info from them may come slowly this week. Has anyone out there in the wild used Qsys together with Sonos? Any pitfalls that may exist I am not aware of? Is there a better way to get easy control of varying music streaming services on the Qsys platform. Looking for any and all ideas here. AppleTV seems to only allow for IR control at best, there does not seem to be a great way to get and send data to an AppleTV device for 3rd party control. At best I've seen reverse engineered code obtained through wireshark but nothing official as far as an API from Apple. (Would love to be wrong here) My LUA programming abilities are basic at best for the moment but I am slowly picking it up from the various examples I have from QSC and others like this site.

My goal is to put together a time estimate for the Qsys programming to this client as soon as I can and the Sonos control is the only oddball component I am having trouble determining how to estimate. If anyone out there has any insight on this I 'd be very grateful.

Thanks and have a great day/night. =)

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Re: Sonos API

Postby jscarborough » March 27th, 2018, 9:06 am

I did a project a few months back that had a core and four Sonos PLAY 1s. We ended up just giving them a UCI for the DSP and the Sonos app, because any UCI you make will never be as good as the one Sonos' engineers spent years building. A few basic controls (play/pause/song title) shouldn't be hard, but do they really need all the information and control provided by the Sonos app?

For example, when Apple puts controls for an Apple TV on a touchpanel in the room, they don't do any Siri or trackpad swipe integration. It's just not worth the effort, the need isn't there, and the AV hardware can't support it.

You should be able to use Command Buttons to send whatever Sonos' version of get and set commands is to get track listings and all that. Playlists... good luck.
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